SmartBear Launches TestComplete 10

SmartBear Software, quality and performance management solution provider, has announced a new version of its flagship product, TestComplete. The new version of TestComplete includes support for automated mobile testing. The new release allows third party testing tools to integrate with TestComplete, which enables automated testing. The Integration focus of TestComplete's updates hinted at an API story lurking beneath SmartBear's announcement. ProgrammableWeb reached out to Niclas Reimertz, SmartBear Vice President of Product Strategy and Management, to inquire.

We asked Reimertz whether he saw an API slant to the announcement, to which he responded:

"Yes, but APIs in a very traditional sense, that is, a set of low level APIs that integrates our Modules, as well as any custom built modules, tightly for a tight, smooth User Experience. So this is an API story in the way that all stories are API stories at some level. APIs are everywhere, and testing them is more critical than ever. The more our lives become intertwined with software enabled devices, the more important testing becomes. Businesses understand the merit in testing to increase overall software quality, decrease the amount of bugs, and ultimately to save time, money and brand reputation. Yet, within that world of growing software testing prominence, testing APIs remains an obscure, undervalued and often miss understood practice. We certainly have plans to change that."

To take the new release to market, SmartBear uses both direct and indirect channels, as well as a heavy push via social media and web marketing. Reimertz further explained a highly targeted audience to whom such marketing will be directed:

"Developers, testers and agile development teams who require a single solution for automated testing of desktop enterprise applications, web applications, Android and iOS-based mobile applications, and mobile web applications."

Upon successful recruitment of the target audience, Reimertz clearly laid out SmartBear's measurement of success:

"Success is measured in the following order:  customer satisfaction/meeting customer requirements for the ability to test mobile and mobile web applications, number of current TestComplete customers who utilize TestComplete Mobile in combination with their current implementation, number of new TestComplete customers."

To better understand how SmartBear is used and deployed, Reimerz provided a couple of use case scenarios. For instance, consider integrating TestComplete with a quality Framework (e.g. Mockito). Mockito mocks would test orchestration, and TestComplete's reporting features would automatically supplement the Mockito mocks. A second example would be to integrate TestComplete with Chef as a test setup for test deployments in the cloud.

Reimerz was optimistic about the need and the potential of TestComplete's new capabilities. To conclude, he left PW with the following:

"Demand in the mobile space is forcing companies to rely more heavily on developers and testers to create, deploy and maintain complex applications at an increasingly faster pace....With its mobile testing capability, TestComplete is a unique and seamless solution for comprehensive testing of applications across desktop, Web and rapidly growing mobile platforms. This next level of Test Automation allows customers to increase development agility, accelerate time-to-market of application delivery, reduce testing costs and deploy their applications with confidence.”

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