SmartBear Releases CoAP Testing Plugin for Ready! API Platform

SmartBear Software has announced the launch of a new Ready! API plugin that supports CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol). The release of this latest plugin allows the SmartBear Ready! API platform to support the three leading messaging formats used for Internet of Things (IoT) applications: HTTP, MQTT, and CoAP.


The SmartBear Ready! API platform was launched in October 2014 and can be used by API providers to test the functionality, scalability, security, and other aspects of their APIs. The SmartBear Ready! API features a set of tools that currently includes:

  • SoapUI NG Pro – Used to test the complete functionality of REST, SOAP, and other API protocols.
  • LoadUI NG Pro – Used for load testing APIs. The tool helps ensure that an API remains functional regardless of API request volume.
  • Secure Pro – Used to simulate attacks against REST and SOAP APIs. The tool tests APIs to make sure that they can handle various types of attacks.
  • ServiceV Pro – This is an API sandboxing tool that features advanced API mocking capabilities. This tool can be used to test third-party integrations.

The CoAP plugin adds a new test step to the Ready! API, allowing a request to be made using the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). The plugin can be easily implemented using the Ready! API interface. In addition, inbound and outbound CoAP messages can be viewed in the Ready! API Logs panel.

“SmartBear sees the Internet of Things as one of the most influential technology trends to come along, and the rise of IoT technologies means many businesses will be venturing in this direction if they haven’t already,” stated Ole Lensmar, CTO at SmartBear, for the press release. “With so much reliance on communication between devices, it’s essential to give development teams the tools they need to deliver high-quality systems. This new CoAP plugin is part of our continued investment in the IoT and the people who build it.”

For more information about the SmartBear Ready! API platform and the new CoAP plugin, visit

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