Smarterer Announces Free Access to Its Skill Assessment API

Smarterer, a skill assessment engine, has announced that the Smarterer REST API is now free for companies and individuals to utilize. With the API, companies and individuals can embed hundreds of crowdsourced skill assessments directly into products, apps, and websites. Prior to this announcement, the API came with a charge to use the service; but, Smarterer and its parent company, Pluralsight, decided to open the service for anyone to freely use.

Smarterer was created after founder, Dave Balter, discovered that the skills needed to fill job openings in today's rapidly changing, technology-driven marketplace where difficult to uncover but necessary to adequately choose a candidate. Smarterer is built upon a crowdsourced set of skill tests (currently over 400 tests exist). Today, the Platform can quantify skills in as little as 10 questions and 120 seconds. Smarterer user, Elance, can directly correlate increased hiring with test completion.

"Linking skill assessments and jobs enables our freelancers to build their skills, win higher paying jobs and have a long-term career on Elance," Fabio Rosati, Elance CEO, told Smarterer.

The Smarterer REST API allows third parties to embed tests into websites, pull score data, and develop apps that incorporate scores into leaderboards and profiles. API Integration could easily be used to build value in a public facing manner (as is the case with Elance) or streamline internal workflows for HR departments hiring new employees. For more detailed information on the API, check out the API docs

Pluralsight utilizes Smarterer assessments to uncover new learning paths as well as identify strengths and areas for improvement. With free access to the platform, any company can replicate Pluralsight's use of the API and add new value to its internal or public facing clients. 

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