SmartFile Programming "Bake-Off" Gives Indiana College Students Chance to Win Cash Prizes and More

Last month ProgrammableWeb reported that SmartFile released a new and improved version of the SmartFile Platform, which includes a brand new API. Yesterday, SmartFile launched the "2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off," a 50 day programming and design competition offering $17,000 in cash prizes to Indiana College Students for developing the most innovative Integration or application that uses the SmartFile API.

The SmartFile Platform Bake-Off was created to demonstrate the potential of APIs and open source programming as well as to "inspire the college students of Indiana to create and contribute to the open source community."

SmartFile Bake-Off

In the press release, Taylor Brazelton, an IUPUI student and 2013 SmartFile Bake-Off contestant, states that:

"When I first heard of the SmartFile contest, my attention was snagged instantly. I have always loved the open source world and working together with others. I found myself a partner for the Bake-Off soon after. We hope with our strange and obscure talent to accomplish and maybe even place with-in the competition. But, it’s really all about the fun we have programming more than anything."

The competition is an exciting opportunity for both SmartFile and Indiana college students; for students, not only is there the possibility of winning cash prizes, but also the opportunity to gain real-world experience, demonstrate technical skills, and network with others in the tech industry. For SmartFile, the contest makes possible the development of new and innovative applications that can be made available to SmartFile customers, which in turn, helps to build the SmartFile brand and increase brand loyalty.

John Hurley, The President of SmartFile is quoted on the official SmartFile Platform Bake-Off site:

"We want to inspire the college students of Indiana to create and contribute to the open source community. Opening their minds and experiences to real world development and problem solving should really help the participants in their next endeavors after graduation. We are excited to see what these young talented minds can think up!"

SmartFile is looking for all kinds of innovative uses of their platform and API and offers suggestions such as Email Scraper and Archiver, Smart Phone File Uploader App, Music and Media Player, and Social File Sharing Widget.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Indiana College Students. According to the announcement, SmartFile is leaving registration open, allowing contestants to register any time during the 50-day development period. The development period ends April 18th, 2013.

To read the contest rules and other contest information, visit the SmartFile Platform Bake-Off site.

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