SmartFile Releases Version 2 of Platform and Includes Brand New API

SmartFile, a web-based FTP hosting and file sharing Platform, has just announced the release of the new and improved Version 2 SmartFile Platform that includes many new features, a new User Interface and a brand new API.


Image Credit: SmartFile

New features added to the SmartFile Platform include better branding, tab style navigation and instant search. FileHub and SmartApps are also new additions to the platform, allowing SmartFile users to connect to DropBox and other cloud accounts. SmartFile plans on adding Google Drive and Amazon in the future as well.

SmartFile has also completely rebuilt the SmartFile Platform API offering a brand new, REST-based API that is open source and available for public consumption. John Hurley, President of SmartFile states in the press release that:

"By combining emerging technologies with a unique feature set and robust-API, SmartFile enhances the data sharing, storage, security, access, backup and management process"

The new SmartFile API 2.0 is hosted on GitHub with four API client libraries available at this time and include Java, PHP, Python and C#. The API supports basic Authentication as well as OAuth. There are several response formats available such as JSON, JSONP, JSONT, TXT, XML and CSV.

In the announcement, Ben Timby, CTO of SmartFile says about the new SmartFile platform and API:

"It's our multi-faceted platform (API) that adds file sharing capabilities to any system via easy Integration, allowing for a User Experience tailored to fit each clients needs that has unlocked sizeable opportunities for both SmartFile and our customers."

A complete list of SmartFile platform features can be found on the company website and detailed information about the new SmartFile API can be found on the SmartFile Platform Developers Site.

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