Smartphone And Tablet App Creation For The Non-Programmer: MagPlus API

MagPlus is a publishing and content creation tool created by creatives, for creatives. The idea is to provide users with all they need to create tablet and smartphone apps without the need for any programming skills. This allows users to focus on their creative design without worrying too much about the heavy technical stuff. MagPlus' API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.


MagPlus is based on an InDesign plugin. Users simply design the desired content in InDesign using the MagPlus plugin, then add the online content, interactivity, audio, video and animation they require. The MagPlus Feature Builder also allows users to build HTML elements without having to write any code. All the tools required to build these digital publications are available for free on, and are quick and easy to install. Once the design is complete, users simply export it to the MagPlus production tool. The MagPlus software then handles all the image conversions and bundles the assets, resulting in a finished product that is ready to export. No fuss!

There is currently no public Documentation available for the MagPlus API, but developers who are interested in making use of this data should email for more information.

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