Smartsheet Publicly Releases API 2.0, Deprecates 1.1

Smartsheet has announced the public availability of the Smartsheet API 2.0Track this API. New features with the 2.0 launch include multipart upload, bulk-insert/bulk-update, and pagination of results. Smartsheet expects these new features to improve efficiency when interacting with Smartsheet data. In addition to new features, Smartsheet has redesigned many of the existing operations to offer simpler Integration and an improved developer experience.

For roughly two years after the initial launch of the Smartsheet API, Smartsheet has expanded API capabilities and features in a backward-compatible manner. Smartsheet API 2.0 constitutes a completely new version of the API that differs drastically from the last version (1.1). As a result, 2.0 now includes breaking, non-backward-compatible changes. Developers new to the Smartsheet API should start with 2.0. Those currently using 1.1 should check out the Smartsheet Developer Portal for resources to assist them in the transition to 2.0.

In addition to a new base URL (ending in 2.0), Smartsheet has added new endpoints (columns, reports, rows, templates, and access tokens). Furthermore, several singular endpoints have changed to plural (e.g., 'column' in 1.1 is now 'columns' in 2.0). Additional features include added support for multipart uploads, pagination, and bulk-insert/bulk-update. For more information, visit the API docs.

With the launch of 2.0, Smartsheet officially deprecated 1.1. Smartsheet will continue to support 1.1 until July 31, 2016. Starting in August of next year, 1.1 will no longer Function without additional notice. While 2.0 feels somewhat similar to 1.1, code changes will be required to migrate to 2.0. Accordingly, Smartsheet encourages developers to transition as soon as possible to prevent any service interruptions. 

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