SMS and Email Scheduling With the Sendible API

Last week message-scheduling service Sendible announced version 1.0 of its API. Sendible lets users schedule messages to be sent at a later date via email or SMS or posted to blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites. It also handles event scheduling and invites, all wrapped in a targeted advertising Platform.

This initial release of Sendible's API is limited to scheduling email and SMS messages to be sent in the future. The API accepts REST requests for Authentication (via API Key) and creating and retrieving scheduled messages. Results are returned as XML. You can find more technical details at our Sendible API profile.

Sendible has more features than just scheduling email and SMS messages, and hopefully upcoming versions of the API will support them. It would be ideal if an application could manage contacts, Fetch all messages scheduled for a certain date range, or manage ad campaigns using the API. This week Sendible added the ability to receive SMS replies via email, and the ability to instead deliver those to a web application would be an excellent addition to the API.

Currently a Sendible account comes with five free messages per month, after which credits for more can be purchased for between seven and ten cents depending on the quantity purchased. The company plans to eventually offer unlimited free messages, supported by advertising. Sendible is a young service and its API is brand new; it has a lot of potential for growth and is off to a great start.

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