Snapchat Announces Bitmoji for Games SDK

Snap Inc., developers of the popular mobile application Snapchat, recently announced the release of the Bitmoji for Games SDK. This new SDK will allow partners to easily incorporate Bitmoji animated characters directly into their games. 

Snap first acquired Bitmoji’s parent company Bitstrips in 2016 and has since deeply integrated the product into their offerings. Additionally in 2018 Snap announced the Snap Kit Platform, a set of tools that has enabled partners to integrate Bitmoji into custom keyboards and dating applications. With today’s announcement the reach of Bitmoji has been extended to the world of gaming through partnership with Unity, the Unreal Engine, and Snap’s in-house PlayCanvas engine. In TechCrunch’s coverage of the news Bitmoji co-founder Ba Blackstock was quoted saying:

It’s kind of a no-brainer to bring Bitmoji into games. Games can be so much more engaging with you…in the game,

To connect a user’s Snapchat account and related Bitmoji information to outside gaming platforms, users will be able to scan an in-game code that will link the data. 

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