Snapchat Launches Snap Kit

Last month, we learned that Snapchat was planning a developer Platform. This was a big announcement based on the company's previously walled-off approach to third party developers. Today, Snapchat has launched its developer platform: Snap Kit. Snap Kit uses a series of APIs to give developers access to Snapchat features within third party apps. Concerning privacy, Snap VP of Product Jacob Andreou told Recode that, "We definitely are not planning on ever making the full friends list available to developers." An important comment considering the recent fumbles by Facebook

Snap Kit includes four primary pillars: Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit, and Story Kit. Creative Kit grants access to the Snapchat camera. Once integrated, users can use custom stickers, filters, links and more. Snapchat users can share app-specific moments and achievements with the Snapchat community.

Login Kit allows Snapchat users to login into third party apps with Snapchat credentials. In addition to vanilla login, Snapchat users can use their Snapchat Bitmoji Avatar within the third party, integrated app. Login Kit can also be used as a temporary, secure login that doesn't track activity.

Bitmoji Kit lets Snapchat users use Snapchat bitmoji stickers within integrated apps. The most obvious use for this feature is within third party messaging apps. Now, Snapchat's unique set of stickers can be used with other messaging platforms.

Story Kit allows developers to embed Snapchat stories within third party apps. Further, within third party apps, users can search public stories. Search is available by location, time, captions, and more. Snapchat is currently taking applications for access to Snap Kit at the Snapchat site.

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