SnapStream Now Supports Twitter's Native Video API

Twitter announced support last month for native video uploads. Less than a week after the announcement, TV search solution provider SnapStream announced support for native Twitter videos. SnapStream allows users to record, search and archive limitless TV from a Mac or PC. The API integration allows SnapStream users to capture TV moments and easily upload the clips to Twitter.

"With native Twitter video as a part of SnapStream’s social TV features, our users can capture TV moments and upload them quickly and easily to Twitter. And their Twitter audience will get the best video experience Twitter has to offer (most views, most engagement)." SnapStream CEO Rakesh Agrawal said in a blog announcement. "They can also monetize these tweets via the newly automated Twitter Amplify program."

SnapStream has already landed a plethora of significant customers (e.g., The Daily Show and the U.S. Senate). A quick and easy connection to Twitter better positions SnapStream to attract new users. Who doesn't want to share laugh-out-loud moments experienced in isolation with the entire Twittersphere?

As an early adopter of Twitter native video uploads, SnapStream also published feedback and suggestions for improvement. SnapStream's main difficulties with Twitter video integration stemmed from poor documentation and nonspecific error messages. To learn more, visit the blog post highlighting specific examples. To steer developers in the right direction, SnapStream posted some sample code at GitHub that uses the Twitter REST API to upload native video.

Searching, clipping and sharing TV moments continues to grow. SnapStream is hoping to lead this charge. A straightforward Twitter integration only propels this movement. Check out SnapStream and its various features to understand how you can grow your TV viewing and sharing experience.

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