SOA Software Adds Orchestration to API Management Platform to Speed Up Mobile Development

SOA Software, a leading API management solutions provider, has just announced the addition of API Orchestration to the SOA Software API Management Platform. Earlier this year, SOA software launched two new API management solutions; API Management Solution for Microsoft and API Management Solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower.

SOA API Gateway

Image Credit: SOA Software

Wikipedia defines Orchestration in computing as:

"Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services... A somewhat different usage relates to the process of coordinating an exchange of information through Web Service interactions... Applications which decouple the orchestration layer from the service layer are sometimes called agile applications."

The addition of Orchestration to the SOA Software API Management platform allows for orchestration between applications and backend services. In many cases, a single API call might in actuality be an aggregation of services or a series of specific service calls. This simplification of complex backend services helps speed up mobile development by allowing simple APIs to be created from multiple backend services and applications. Alistair Farquharson, CTO SOA Software, states for the press release that:

"APIs are often an externally facing representation of a business. They have to be simple and efficient. However, most enterprises have a vast array of applications and services, which often have to be aggregated or selectively called for a specific operation or data request. Our new API Orchestration capabilities help our customers create simple APIs that offer valuable functions to their consumers, often by making multiple calls to different services to respond to a single API Request"

API Orchestration includes a wide variety of backend services and applications such as routing, branching, callouts to external systems, variable definition, variable management, and scripting. This new SOA Software API management platform capability helps to reduce the cost and development time of mobile apps and APIs throughout their entire lifecycle.

For more information about API Orchestration and the SOA Software API Management Platform, visit the SOA Software website.

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