SOA Software API Management Solution Allows Enterprises to Manage Full Lifecycle of DataPower-Based APIs

SOA Software, a leading provider of API Management solutions, has announced the launch of the API Management Solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower which uses DataPower security and Integration features to make internal systems accessible as APIs and SOA services. Just last month, SOA Software announced the availability of a new API Management solution for Microsoft environments including Windows Azure.

SOA Software API Management Solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower

Image Credit: SOA Software

The SOA Software API Management Solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower provides enterprises the ability to create APIs on DataPower that can be seamlessly integrated with backend systems like WebSphere, mainframes and WebSphere MQ. The API management solution also makes it possible for enterprises to manage the full lifecycle of DataPower-based APIs.

WebSphere is an application and integration software Platform provided by IBM and is described on the IBM developerWorks website as:

"WebSphere provides software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations. WebSphere is IBM's application and integration software platform, and includes the entire middleware infrastructure, including servers, services, and tools, needed to create, deploy, run, and monitor round-the-clock, enterprise-wide web applications and cross-platform, cross-product solutions."

By integrating API Gateway, Lifecycle Manager for APIs and Community Manager with DataPower, SOA Software has created an API management solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower that offers many beneficial features including (but not limited to):

  • Supports a wide variety of API standards including REST, JSON, OAuth and OpenID.
  • Supports diverse security standards including SAML, Kerberos, LDAP, X509 and WS-Security.
  • Support for monitoring, metrics, service level agreements, and API access control ensuring API programs run consistently and predictably.
  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity.
  • Tools to build rich communities for DataPower API developers and app developers through its Developer Portal.

Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software states for the press release that:

"APIs present a challenge to IT organizations today. SOA Software's unique approach to API management on DataPower allows IT organizations to keep pace with technology advances presented by next generation mobile and web applications while benefiting from the same rich enterprise support we already offer customers today. Our solution makes managing secure, integrated APIs easy, whether a mobile app needs to securely access mainframe data or a web application needs to initiate a business transaction using WebSphere MQ."

For more information about the SOA Software API Management Solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower, visit the SOA Software website.

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