SOA Software Launched Software-Defined Data Centers Manageable by Secure APIs

SOA Software is bringing the flexibility of a distributed cloud storage service - like Amazon Web Services - to the enterprise, and manageability via API. The latest service in a run of recent announcements from SOA Software, the new Datacenter API Platform is expected to be announced today at CloudExpo in San Jose. ProgrammableWeb caught up with SOA Software's VP of Product Marketing, Sachin Agarwal at API Strategy and Practice for a pre-briefing.

"When most people talk about enterprise APIs they take about external APIs and channel enablement", said Agarwal. "But there is a huge case for internal APIs with B2B Integration and enterprise-to-enterprise APIs."

At the enterprise level, the flow of data between internal APIs can slow down a company's data resources and inflate data storage costs. Some enterprises have more recently turned to new datacenter API infrastructure standards like OpenStack and Openflow to manage data via cloud storage.

"But these standards are not secure", Agarwal warns. "The SOA Software Datacenter API creates a platform that abstracts out the compute, network and storage layers and lets users decouple and manage resources as secured APIs."

The new platform aims to help industry manage a software-defined datacenter approach, where an enterprise can draw on resources across a distributed network, as it needs to: an essential requirement in enhancing agility and speed, and creating opportunities to scale and enter new markets.

"Enterprises can create intelligent, self-aware data centers that dynamically select the best use of data resources," Agarwal said.

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