SOA Software Launches Open, Free API Management and Developer Platform

SOA Software, a leading enterprise API management and SOA governance solutions provider, has just announced the launch of the SOA Software Open, a solution that combines API management with a unique social Platform designed for the developer community.


Image Credit: SOA Software

The SOA Software Open is an "API Platform-as-a-service" that was created to benefit both API providers and app developers; App developers can use the platform to find and use APIs, and collaborate with other developers to build third party applications. API providers can use the platform to offer their APIs as products, protect and promote their company brand, and manage the APIs they provide using SOA Software Open tools and services. Customers that use the SOA Software Enterprise API Platform can also use the SOA Software Open solution to develop and distribute their public APIs. SOA's recent press release provided us with this quote:

"Our combination of powerful API management capabilities with a social community makes it easier than ever for developers to collaborate in building Apps and APIs,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “Open provides a free-of-charge platform for managing API performance, security, and the connections between Apps and APIs, while socially engaging with App and API developers."

The benefits and abilities the SOA Software Open platform provides for both API developers and app developers is explained in detail in the post "SOA Software Open – A Community for Developers To Make Great Things Happen" on the SOA Software Blog.

SOA Software Open is a free service "for up to 10 million transactions per month." There is also a commercial version of the platform available and SOA Software provides a comparison chart for you to choose the most appropriate version. API developers and app developers can sign up to participate in the Open community at

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