SOA Software Publishes New eBook for Enterprises: "Building Successful APIs"

Earlier this month, ProgrammableWeb reported on the launch of the SOA Software Open, a free API management and developer Platform created by SOA Software. SOA Software has just announced the publication of a new eBook for Enterprises that covers a variety of important topics in the categories of API development and management. SOA Software

Image Credit: SOA Software

SOA Software's new eBook, "Building Successful APIs," is a free download (after registering at the SOA Software website) and is described in the SOA Software blog post as:

"A roadmap to knowing WHAT you want to develop, HOW to gain maximum value from APIs, and WHAT to do to be truly successful with your APIs."

The eBook covers a variety of topics related to API development and management such as:

  • Understanding what the API does
  • The challenges and opportunities inherent in APIs
  • Creating an infrastructure and platform to host APIs
  • Supporting a development community for the API

One of the most important aspects of developing an API strategy is retaining ownership of your API. In other words, making sure that development and branding requirements are in place from the beginning. This helps to ensure that the API will remain a valuable tool that addresses the needs and functionality of the company as well as their customers.

The Twitter API is a good example of why it is important to have an API branding strategy in place at the very beginning of API development.

There have been many articles written about the API and branding requirements Twitter has recently put into place; "Twitter Continues to Restrict Access to Our Tweets", "Twitter Changes Lead to Online Protests", and "Twitter’s API Crackdown May Be Bad For Users, Even If They Never Notice", to name a few. Some of the changes made by Twitter were most likely made in an effort to maintain control over the Twitter brand and platform.

The "Building Successful APIs" eBook includes the very important subject of API branding. Per the SOA blog post, the eBook includes information about API branding such as:

  • Developing an API Portal
  • API lifecycle management
  • Cost/benefit analysis of your API strategy
  • Governance and specifications
  • API Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Sharing and developer communities

ProgrammableWeb recently reached the milestone of 8,000 APIs in the directory. Enterprise APIs are the top category in the last 1,000 APIs added to the directory.

SOA Software's new eBook, "Building Successful APIs," offers advice and information to help Enterprises get started with using APIs and creating a valuable API strategy.

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