Soccer APIs Display FIFA World Cup Data

The 2014 FIFA World Cup finals are happening this weekend, with Argentina taking on Germany for a third time in the World Cup final on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. In light of this exciting World Cup Final match, this article highlights a few of the Soccer APIs listed on ProgrammableWeb.

Aaron Kosel built a d3 visualization using kimono World Cup data that illustrates how World Cup teams are connected. View Interactive Visualization

Kimono World Cup

Kimono is a cloud-based service that makes it possible for users to extract data from websites and then convert that data into structured APIs without the need to write any code. The kimonoLabs World Cup API (2014 unofficial) was built with the kimono Platform and returns a variety of information about the 2014 World Cup, including players, teams, clubs, matches and stats. The API is RESTful, reports errors using standard HTTP response codes and supports cross-origin Resource sharing. API responses are returned in JSON data format. According to the kimono website, the API "provides up-to-date data on all 32 national teams and 736 players."


The openfooty API provides programmatic access to the footytube technology platform, allowing developers to incorporate up-to-date football (soccer) data, football videos, a proprietary dreamfooty fantasy football game, user profiles, and much more into websites and third-party applications. Openfooty has partnered with The Guardian, YouTube, Google and other technology platforms, which allows the openfooty platform to include a wide range of football content, such as up-to-date news, photos, video and podcasts. The API is free for noncommercial use, is RESTful, and supported data formats include XML, PHP serialized array and JSON.

Soccermetrics Connect

The Soccermetrics Connect API provides programmatic access to a wealth of soccer data collected by Soccermetrics, an organization that specializes in advanced match analytics and analytics software specific to association football and the football industry. The API allows developers to integrate football data, advanced match analysis of data (analytics) and standardized data into third-party applications. The Soccermetrics Connect API requires that all calls be made using HTTPS and is a REST API that meets the HATEOAS constraint (it's a Hypermedia API). Data is returned in JSON format.

StatsFC Premier League

The StatsFC Premier League API allows developers to easily add soccer widgets into websites, web and mobile applications using JavaScript/ JQuery code snippets. There are widgets for the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup and others. The types of football widgets available include League, Fixtures, Results, Live Games, Top Scorers, Team Form, Player Score Predictor, Rater and Squad Selector. All of the widgets include customizable CSS code. Most of the StatsFC widgets also have WordPress plug-ins available.

XMLSoccer is a Web Service that collects soccer data and converts it into up-to-date, machine-readable data feeds that can be consumed using the XML Soccer API. Members can incorporate the data into websites and third-party applications. There are many leagues supported by, including English Premier League, English League Championship, Scottish Premier League and Bundesliga. The API is SOAP and requests are returned in XML data format. A demo that can be used to retrieve football data, such as historical matches including statistics, live score, and current game and team information, is available.

More Soccer APIs

There are many more Sports APIs listed on ProgrammableWeb. Be sure to check them out.

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