Social Foundry Adds REST Support to SOAPbox

Social Foundry, plug and play API infrastructure provider, has announced REST support for its SOAPbox API adaptor. SOAPbox exposes database operations through web services. This simplifies API creation, so software and app developers can concentrate on functionality, not manual coding methods.

Social Foundry CEO, David Al-Khazraji, commented:

"The whole world is going REST....The early adoption phase of REST based communications is now past us, and the uptake of REST based web services is set to grow exponentially. We believe the Social Foundry is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a turnkey API management solution which includes REST based creation and management capabilities."

Social Foundry is dedicated to advancing the Internet of Things movement by simplifying methods of Integration and connection. Its SOAPbox and API Monitor have enabled many companies to integrate apps, databases, and gain a holistic view of their IT environment. Al-Khazraji explains Social Foundry's benefits:

"With our plug and play REST authoring tool, you can create a REST based service is under five minutes v.s. the traditional way of hand coding the service from scratch and manually deploying it....In this way we are empowering customers to reduce the time and expense associated with having robust API capability."

APIs continue to grow in use, and REST seems to be the protocol of choice dominating the API economy. Social Foundry has already impressed enterprises across many industries with its capabilities. Adding REST support to its tool bag should only increase its reach.

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