Social Media Aggregator Brings "Postcasting" to Brands

Companies are creating plenty of content on the social web, but not much of it ends up back on their sites. A new aggregator for social media, news and others sources is trying to change that. The company behind the Yolink API created Postano, a tool set to launch today that will let anyone curate a real-time newspaper-like site using Facebook Pages and Twitter streams. The resulting content, tiled on the page with extracted visuals, is available from a standalone site for free or can be embedded for a monthly charge.

The developers expect the service to be popular with brands, which often have dozens of individual social media accounts. Using Postano, those accounts can be merged into a single page of visuals with infinite scrolling. Postano grew out of a previous project called PostPost, which was an alternate way for users to view their friends' Facebook content.

Postano uses quite a few APIs, according to Yolink's Jeff Dexter. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, it connects to the YouTube API, Embedly API, Google News and Yolink's own search API. In fact, it was while looking for example use cases to show off Yolink that the team first created PostPost.

There are a number of ways to customize a Postano page outside of feeds. Administrators can change colors and fonts, as well as upload a logo. Embedding Postano starts at $10 per month and is based on the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

Once launched, you should be able to see ProgrammableWeb's Postano, a screenshot of which is near the top of this post. Indie film Queen of the Sun has what it calls a social hub powered by Postano's embeddable version. We've also embedded a YouTube introduction to the service below.

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