"Social Media Hub" Reluctantly Gives up on Twitter

When Twitter announced it's new Twitter API changes it left many the disgruntled third party app developer who had built tools and services on top of the API. Where many have been forced to simply work around these changes regardless of the damage caused, others will be forced to abruptly shut down. Unfortunately, the latter is true for Twimbow.

Twimbow is a web application that enables social media users to organize their interaction with friends online, using colors. It gives people a creative way of filtering groups of users, catching important tweets and distinguishing different types of messages. Despite it's list of keen followers and success on the social scene, Twimbow will not be developed further. The service will be available until Twitter goes live with the new API, but after that it's lights out.

The disheartened Twimbow team writes,

"today is a sad day here in Twimbowland, In the last communiques, Twitter discouraged the development of new applications replicating the core Twitter Experience, called “Traditional Clients”, among which Twimbow is included. They outlined some rules which disheartened us and now we have no longer enthusiasm to continue our adventure." Concerning the new rules, they added, "All those that earlier were just Twitter’s “ best practices” about their data visualization, have become rules too binding for us. We want to create innovative products, no one can force us not to stun our client or to visualize data not our own way. We made huge efforts to launch our mobile app for all the platforms out there, but, reluctantly, we cancelled those projects."

It seems we have another app death at the hands of Twitter. So, does all this make the social giant an admiral force to be reckoned with or just the school bully? Either way, it's always sad to see a good thing forced to come to an end and it certainly isn't good for Twitter's popularity in the development world.

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