Social Recipe Sharing: We Eatt API

Online recipe sharing has had its effect on the way people cook in general. With hundreds of recipes and clever cooking tips available at the click of a button, anybody can become a home cooking maestro in their own right. We Eatt is another addition to the online recipe sharing world, allowing users to store recipes, add images and even show off their cooking skills with video. The We Eatt API allows developers to automate recipe searches and access recipe information to be included in other applications.


We Eatt has various user friendly features. It organises the recipes submitted by users, providing helpful ratings and tags. The social features of the site include the basics like, creating a profile, developing a friend's list and a simple activity Feed that allows users to see what their friends and family have added. A cool feature on the site is the 'Cookbook' feature which allows users to save all their favourite recipes from around the site in one place.

We Eatt provides a RESTful API with rates limited to 10,000 requests in a 24 hour period of time. In order to make use of the API, developers will need to agree to the terms of use and request an API token. More information is available on the We Eatt website.

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