SocialRadar SDK Gives Devs Advanced Location Services Access

Advanced location management app SocialRadar has announced the launch of its SDK, which will be free to developers. LocationKit is a legitimate alternative to the core location services of iOS and Google and allows developers to include advanced location services as part of their applications without any location experience.

The SocialRadar app combines social and location information that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with the people and places around them. And now third-party developers will have access to the features that make SocialRadar so powerful:

  • LocationKit combines several methods for determining user location to provide higher-accuracy location data that can be accurate down to 2 to 6 meters. This is a solid improvement on the 10 to 100 meters typically provided.
  • Automatic venue recognition provides place information either passively as a user enters a place or on demand. This is powered by the United States' most accurate geo-encoded places database combined with leading event databases, holding more than 130 million addresses combined.
  • Developers will also be able to access the detailed location information their applications collect. Reporting and location analytics provide valuable insight into users’ preferences and social habits.
  • The drain on battery is a major obstacle in running location services, with GPS draining battery by as much as 14% per hour. LocationKit’s lower battery drain reduces that to less than 1% per hour, allowing developers to create beyond the confines of battery considerations.

The announcement was made at this year’s Apps World event in San Francisco. LocationKit is in beta and is available to developers for free. With applications in transport, health, entertainment and social, to name a few, the creators are hoping the SDK will inspire innovative creations that drive a new form of social interaction.

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