Sococo API Offers Office Collaboration Tools For Third Party Apps

With the idea of working remotely becoming more of a viable option these days, the need for an online space where co-workers and teams can collaborate effectively has grown considerably. Sococo is an office collaboration and network platform that does just that. Its API makes these features available to developers who may want to integrate them into other applications.

Sococo is a virtual office. Along with the usual document sharing, screen sharing and chat functionality that you'd expect to see from this kind of platform, Sococo offers a little more in the way of visual experience; it looks like a real office. A floor plan allows users to have complete visibility at all times. Users can physically see office spaces, meetings rooms and the people who are occupying those rooms. It's as easy as clicking on a particular office or meeting room and users are immediately connected with their co-workers. Voice functionality enables users to talk directly to other users in the same virtual room, video functionality enables users to see each other and interact more effectively, multi-screen sharing means all meeting participants can independently share and view multiple screens at the same time, and the chat option means users can chat privately or with a group where necessary. Other features include phone integration, app integrations, guest access and more.

Sococo's RESTful API makes it possible for this tool to be integrated into other applications. Developers can create an account where they will be able to generate an API token, which they will need in order to authenticate using the API. Further information and API documentation is available on Sococo's website.

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