Socrata API Foundry V2 Extends Tailored Documentation

Socrata API Foundry have launched a new feature that will minimize the gap between the two tiers of their existing Documentation output system.

The API Foundry v1 took a client's dataset and created developer-ready API documentation, complete with how to query and interact with the API. However, it also created a lower-tier output for normal Socrata datasets, which produced a lower-end developer experience.

Socrata's new automatic API documentation feature in v2, which is available immediately, generates Foundry-style API documents for every Socrata dataset. These documents will be integrated with the rest of Socrata’s developer resources and documentation. The APIs created are fully RESTful, offering a powerful, expressive SQL-like Query Language that is familiar to developers.

Along with the launch of the new feature, the company has also announced the deprecation of API Foundry v1 and the Foundry wizard. The old and new versions will run concurrently until February 1, 2015, when v1 and the Foundry wizard will be disabled. Old API documentation pages will be redirected to equivalent templates in the new automatic documentation format.

The company also announced the launch of their new Socrata developer program, focused on improving the experience for the civic developer community.

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