Softphone Company CounterPath Announces Bria for Windows API

In a bid for a larger chunk of the unified communications market, CounterPath announced an API for its Bria for Windows communications Platform. The Vancouver company produces softphones, which allow users to make Internet phone calls (think Skype and Google Voice) from a computer or a mobile device. Although a relatively small player in the market, Counterpath has a respectable 10 million downloads of its client. Its client consists of X-lite, free, and Bria for commercial use. Bria offers voice and video over fixed, mobile and WiFi networks. It's ability to automatically switch to WiFi, allows users to stay connected while saving money.

Unlike Skype, CounterPath does not provide a full telecommunications service, but rather integrates into VoIP offerings of other VoIP service providers. The company’ focus is on providing a platform for unified communications within third-party services.

A growing number of business are doing away with traditional landlines in favor of conducting all of their communications (voice, calls, texting, emails) over the Internet. A COMMfusion report confirms this. According to the research firm, the global market for unified communications is expected to climb 69%, increasing from $12.23 billion in 2011 to $20.76 billion by 2016.

CounterPath says its new Bria for Windows API will allow third-party developers to meet the new market demand. The product is targeted to organizations that use call centers, CRM tools and other enterprise solutions. With the API, developers can expand the functions of existing apps to include presence information, instant messaging, voice and video calls and retrieve contact information.

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