Solar VPS Launches First SolarSystem API

Solar VPS, cloud-based virtual private server provider, launched its first SolarSystem API. The API is included with a handful of new features Solar VPS unveiled with release of SolarSystem 2.0. The API allows users to integrate, automate, and manage VPS environments in a customized manner. For kicks, the Solar VPS team built a native app on top of the API, and had it up and running in less than a day.

With over 10,000 clients, Solar VPS' SolarSystem is a massively scaled VPS management suite. SolarSystem, now in its second generation, has a standard package of features that will have most up and running. However, its enhanced features allow users to custom fit their environment with the suite. The newly released API allows users to take further control and have more insight over VPS environments.

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The SolarSystem API uses REST protocol and returns calls in either a JSON or JSONP data format. Developers can access Pod features, DNS, arrays, domains, and more through the API. For more information, visit the API  docs, or sign up for a key.

Solar VPS has developed into a trusted VPS Platform. SolarSystem is relied on for continuous management and uptime for apps across the board. The SolarSystem API is another step forward for Solar VPS as it offers users more Integration functionality for managing domains and Pods. Visit Solar VPS today and check out the API or the native app the team built with the API.

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