Soldo Launches API for Its Expense Tracking Service

Soldo, a provider of business expense tracking solutions, has announced a new API that is designed to streamline Integration with legacy accounting systems. The company believes that this will help to reduce the administrative overhead associated with tracking employee expenses.

The announcement of this new API has the potential to impact several existing core business systems used by Soldo’s partners, with the company highlighting “accounting, ERP, procurement, and expense management solutions.” The intention is that this API will allow partners to improve integration with these systems in order to increase overall efficiency. 

Darren Upson, the VP Small Business Europe for Soldo, spoke to these benefits by stated that “These new integrations will give businesses and their accountants even greater control and visibility over every aspect of their finances.”

Interested developers should check out the Soldo Business APITrack this API, which is RESTful and returns data formatted in JSON

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