Soleo Announces Local Search API

Soleo today announced its beta version of Soleo Local Search APITrack this API - a new, consumer-oriented Application Programming Interface at API:World in Santa Clara, CA. The API allows application developers the ability to query the Soleo local search engine by sending the consumer’s location and keyword phrase through the API to access the best match of business listings for that request.

The Version 1.0 release, available in December 2015, will map millions of keyword phrases to products and services offered by its inventory of more than 15 million businesses in the United States. The Soleo LOCAL SEARCH API will also have access to nearly one million sponsored advertisements. By blending these targeted ads with other local business listings, application developers can monetize their apps through advertising and still provide users with a true set of search results. Soleo’s API program also offers a comprehensive set of routines, restful protocols and tools for building software applications, as well as on-demand analytics.

“Consumer buying habits are quickly evolving,” said Dan Gallagher, president and CEO of Soleo. “What was once a desktop pay-per-click model is quickly morphing into a mobile, click-to-call behavior that leverages a more targeted local search API.”

According to BIA/Kelsey, the leading research and advisory company focused on local advertising and marketing, mobile search in particular will drive 65 billion calls to businesses by 2016, a volume that will grow at a 42 percent compound annual growth rate.

“Our local search engine maps search queries to the most accurate, up-to-date business data in the industry and matches consumers to very specific local results,” continued Gallagher. “We’re also able to leverage our extensive geographic inventory of targeted sponsored ads across thousands of categories for more responsible content listings.”

Currently, local search results are influenced by bad location data, returning incorrect local business information in searches, maps, and other mobile applications. The search market is also becoming increasingly commercialized, causing the accuracy and use of organic listings to suffer. According to Yext, 43 percent of all listings contain missing or incorrect data. Therefore, with a renewed focus on local, targeted results, Soleo’s search Platform will drive higher-quality results for consumers and better leads for its sponsored advertisers.

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