Announced Gloo v1.0, a company dedicated to connecting the world's applications through APIs and Service Mesh, has announced the 1.0 release of Gloo. Gloo is a cloud-native API Gateway and Ingress Controller. It is built on Envoy Proxy. It connects, secures, and controls traffic across all application services.

"Over the last year and a half, we have worked closely with our community members and customers to securely enable their production environments with Gloo--including organizations like Vonage,, D-Teck Solutions, ParkMobile and more," Rick Ducott, Director of Engineering, commented in a blog post announcement. "Goo's core principles are to connect, secure and control all application traffic."

Gloo was originally open-sourced. Roughly a year ago, an enterprise version was introduced with a specific emphasis on security and management features, paired with enterprise-grade support. The 1.0 version of Gloo is available in both open source and enterprise versions.

New features added in the lead up to this announcement include TCP proxy, web application firewall, Authentication and authorization, delegation, data loss prevention, WebAssembly, Rate Limiting, and an admin console. To learn more, check out the reference docs.

Those interested can request a demo at the Gloo site. has also posted a demo on YouTube. The company will host an overview and demo webinar on Thursday, December 5th at 1 PM EST. Register here to participate.

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