Introduces Gloo Federation Adding Multi-Cluster Control Feature has introduced Gloo Federation. It is the next step in the company's development of Gloo, its envoy proxy-based API gateway. With its continued focus on scalability, sought a better way to allow its users to operate multiple "Gloos". Gloo Federation became the answer.

"Today we are excited to announce the next evolution of Gloo, with the release of Gloo Federation, giving enterprises the ability to scale their API gateway and management capabilities across clusters, sites and regions,". Idit Levin, CEO, commented in a blog post announcement. "Gloo Federation has two goals: to simplify and globalize your management of multiple Gloo instances across multiple clusters, and to provide you with advanced multi-cluster control features." 

According to Levine, Gloo Federation offers "a single pane of glass" to view all services. That includes services across all clusters and clouds. In turn, users enjoy consistent configuration, unified debugging, and automated Gloo discovery. Further, users can configure Gloo instances in a manner that brings failover and location-based routing across instances.

Features of note in Gloo Federation include a global dashboard (a read-only UI that provides a quick status view of all Gloo instance configurations), federate configuration (the ability to configure all Gloo instances from a single point), multi-cluster failover routing (enables application resilience through failover capabilities in traffic routing), location-based routing (a global view that enables rerouting to alternative clusters), and role-based access control (user-based permissions at multi-cluster level). will host an upcoming webinar for those interested in learning more.

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