SongMeanings API: No More Broken Telephone Between Songwriters And Music Lovers

Isn't it annoying when people get the words of a song wrong and totally miss the meaning? Or, ever wondered what the artist is actually trying to say in his/her intricate piece of musical wordplay? Well, SongMeanings is probably just the service you're looking for. It's an entertainment Platform that allows users to follow their favourite artists as well as search for song lyrics and meanings, hopefully getting to the real messages that those artists were trying to get across. The SongMeanings API allows developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


SongMeanings claims to be one of the largest and most respected entertainment sites around, based on it's easy-to-use layout and accurate content that includes over 1,800,000 licensed tracks. The idea was to create an online community of music lovers who could easily connect over music and artists they followed, as well as contribute lyrics and discuss or debate various lyrics and song meanings.

Having partnered with The Echo Nest, SongMeanings now provides an API that makes it possible for developers to gain access to this extensive database of songs and the crowd-sourced information about those songs. The main API method is retrieving song meanings via song ID numbers. More information is available on The Echo Nest's website.

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