Democratizes Professional-grade Music Processing consists of  "a small team of developers dedicated to creating audio technology to make the world sound better." The API utilizes zplane technology to allow developers to integrate audio processing into existing apps, websites, or in-house solutions. Professional software companies around the world use zplane technology for high-grade audio processing, and wants to put such tools in the hands of developers everywhere. is currently in beta through the end of 2012. During the beta period, the API remains cost free and gives customers access to professional quality audio processing that companies such as Sony Creative Software and Native Instruments use to produce world class sound. In 2013, a standard account will remain free, while advanced features will require payment. uses REST protocol and JSON data format. The API provides music processing tools (i.e. tempo and pitch, pitch correction, reverb) as well as music analysis (i.e. tempo tracking, key detection, loudness). The team fully anticipates enhancing the breadth of processing available on a consistent basis.

As websites and apps enjoy access to enhanced data sets, graphics, and video via APIs; audio processing seems a natural addition to integrate through an API. Empowering developers with the audio tools provides eliminates many barriers that have previously prohibited developers from including top notch sound with their apps (i.e. skill set, expense, etc.). Those interested in joining the free beta can gain access at the registration page.

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