Sonos to Freely Open Developer Program

Sonos recently announced that it will soon open up its developer program, the Sonos Sound Platform, to all potential partners. The Platform will include new APIs that will enable control of Sonos speakers from third party interfaces and apps. Sonos playlists will also be available.

September 6, 2018 is the anticipated launch date. Until now, the Sound Platform has been limited on an invite only basis. To request access immediately, or be notified of the wider launch, sign up here.

Sonos designed the Sound Platform to operate seamlessly across multiple devices in the home. The platform can connect doorbells and audio books, to alarms and entertainment systems, all with the user's permissions and settings preserved. As Sonos' VP of software product management, Lidiane Jones, told the Verge: "The last thing I want is to get home, wind down, start my Kind of Blue album, and then get alarm or bell sounds coming through my speakers."

Sonos expects to grow its developer program quickly through partner development and new features. Sonos will continue to develop work with companies like Samsung, through its SmartThings division, and Amazon, for its Alexa support. However, the company is excited to open its product set up to the broader developer community, and expects to see innovative integrations quickly.

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