Sony Augmented Reality API Added to SmartEyeglass SDK

App Developer Magazine recently covered a new feature Sony has added to the developer preview for SmartEyeglass, the Sony smart lenses currently in production. The SmartEyeglass SDK, an add-on to the Android SDK, now offers an augmented reality rendering API which will enable overlaid text and graphics to seemingly interact with perceived physical objects.

The API will enable objects whose real-world location developers can identify to be overlaid with graphics or positioned under hovering text. When a user turns or tilts their head with respect to the object, the text or graphics will appear to stay in a fixed position. Alternatively, text and graphics can be programmed to change position in relation to the object as well.

Sony's new guide explains how to implement the API, including instructions on syncing up the three sets of coordinate systems that are required to map out and execute this new feature. Outside of the AR update, many more in-depth tutorials and guides are available to help developers begin to develop complex SmartEyeglass apps even before the hardware is publicly distributed. 

Similar to Google Glass, SmartEyeglass syncs with an Android device via bluetooth or Wi-Fi to offer a hands-off experience for receiving notifications for email, cooking recipes, and even guided navigation and tourism made possible by the AR functionality.

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Sony Releases Latest Version of SmartEyeglass SDK Developer Preview with New AR Rendering API