Sony Introduces SDK for Remote Camera Control

Sony has announced a new SDK for its line of cameras. The SDK gives third-party developers remote access and control over such cameras. Commercial customers have repeatedly asked for such access from Sony, and Sony is delivering through the SDK.

“The customer’s voice is absolutely critical to all aspects of our business,” Neal Manowitz, Sony Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas, commented in a press release. “After receiving many requests, we’re excited to finally be able to open our Platform in this manner. Companies will now be able to custom develop applications to control our cameras remotely, allowing them to take full advantage of the many innovations in Sony’s lineup including industry-leading autofocus, shooting speeds and much more. Ultimately, this gives professional clients the ability to create new and different imaging experiences, unlike anything that’s been done before.”

Through the SDK, developers can access both camera controls and data from still images. Such controls include camera setting adjustments, shutter release, and live view monitoring. While the use cases available for such application is wide, Sony expects immediate interest from the security and entertainment industries.

At launch, the SDK supports the Alpha 7R IV and Alpha 9 II models. Sony expects to expand support to other models over time. With the SDK release, Sony plans on terminating its Camera Remote API. For more details, check out the SDK site for more information.

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