Sony To Launch Google Glass Competitor Along With An SDK


This January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is turning out to be the ultimate showcase for connected wearables, things, and vehicles. Some announcements are sure to rise above the noise in Vegas and one such smartwear offering on tap is apparently going to be Sony's entry into the smart glasses market.  However, according to Android Headlines, rather than be a separately "framed" device like Google Glass, Sony is said to be readying more of a heads up display (HUD) attachment that can be mounted to an existing set of regular ole' analog glasses. 

Additionally, the offering from Sony will apparently target business and sports users as opposed to taking a shot at the broad consumer market.  That said, such positioning has never stopped developers from imagining applications for programmable interfaces and things that were never intended by the originator.  All it takes is an SDK to get developers up and running and according to the story, "Sony has an SDK in the works that will allow for developers to create hands free apps that provide information and other 'general smartness' to the every day pair of glasses." 

As for specs, a camera is decidely absent on the the smartwear but it will include an accelerometer and electronic compass. The Sony offering will sport an OLED-based display running at a resolution of 640x400, driven by an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU with the ability to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or WiFi, all powered by a 400mAh battery.

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Sony Tries Their Hand At Smart Glasses With Announcement Of Their Own HUD Unit