Sound Social with AudioBoo

AudioBoo brings the familiar tape-recorder type interface to the web with all the fixings. Take your audio recording, add a picture, a location, put it in a social context, throw in popularity ratings and you have AudioBoo.  The simplicity and social aspects of this service make a great Platform for podcasters while providing another avenue of media discovery for users. But it's new and still changing. If you're feeling like an adventurous explorer, ready for twists, turns and surprises, jump on in to the AudioBoo API.

The API is hosted by Google who gives it a “Medium” activity level rating.  The UK based development team notes on the wiki that the API “is quite definitely a work in progress.”  You have been warned. The API documentation even encourages the user to take a guess and what’s supported and try it out.  If I was working with this API I would certainly contact the development team first to get their feedback and advice.  Luckily they’ve extended that invitation already.

You will need some OAuth experience to use this API since most API calls require an OAuth token.  For example when posting new audio to the site, it is posted to the user account associated with the OAuth token which is sent as part of the post message.  OAuth is becoming quite common as the Authentication standard of choice for API developers.  What better time to pick it up and get familiar.  The Audiboo API is built in the RESTful model and returns formats in XML, YAML, JSON, and JSONP.

AudioBoo is one of 17 social music APIs, and one of only 14 tagged with audio.  It integrates with both facebook and twitter, so maybe you'll be willing to take a little uncertainty in order to benefit from the platform that AudioBoo has built.

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