sovrn Releases Pre-Auction Bidding API

sovrn Holdings, Inc., has recently released its Pre-Auction Bidding API to help online publishers better optimize their ad revenue. One of the first publishers to use this technology is Curse, a creator of premium content for gamers.

The Pre-Auction Bidding API hopes to enable publishers to better optimize their ad revenue by removing the need to daisy chain or waterfall their ad partners for ad revenue optimization. Daisy chaining is inefficient because it does not give a publisher full transparency into the fair market value of the publisher’s inventory. This lack of transparency means publishers often lose revenue by unknowingly offering and then selling a specific ad impression to one advertiser, when another partner lower in the chain would have paid more.

In addition, daisy chaining is also a slower methodology for getting an ad onto the page. This can increase the time it takes for a page to load or cause discrepancies as advertisers’ ads do not load correctly on the publisher’s page.

To overcome these issues, publishers can now use the Pre-Auction Bidding API to receive a real-time bid from sovrn. In a common scenario, publishers can use the Pre-Auction API in header bidding and use the resulting bid in their ad server decisioning process. By using real bid prices in their decisioning process, publishers will receive the following benefits:

  • Increased yield and revenue: Publisher can use real bid prices to make better decisions around ad revenue optimization
  • Reduced discrepancies: Daisy chaining often leads to inconsistencies between the publisher’s system and the advertiser's system, leading to billing disagreements that require time and resources to resolve. By removing the need for daisy chaining, publishers no longer suffer discrepancies
  • Decreased time to get an ad on the page, which increases inventory and performance

“Daisy chaining is a common revenue optimization technique that does not always benefit the publisher,” said Walter Knapp, CEO at sovrn. “While useful, it has resulted in lost revenue for publishers. As a publisher advocate, sovrn’s release of the real-time bidding API is part of our investment to help independent publishers benefit from their passion and work. sovrn will continue to invest to make this technology accessible and easy for all publishers.”

One of the first publishers to use sovrn’s Pre-Auction bidding API is Curse, a leading premium publisher of content for gamers. “Partnering with sovrn and using its Pre-Auction API has enabled Curse to better monetize its ad inventory,” said Gabriel DeWitt, VP of Monetization at Curse. “It has helped Curse achieve more transparency into the fair market rate for every impression, so that we can make better decisions that maximize our ad revenue in real-time.”

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