SparkPost Launches GDPR Compliant Email API

SparkPost, cloud email API service provider, recently announced a version of its Email API that is entirely hosted in the EU: SparkPost EU. Hosting in the EU allows SparkPost to deliver low latency, high performance email service to its European customers. Further, SparkPost EU is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will take effect May 25, 2018.

"Alongside performance, we're very aware that forthcoming data and privacy regulation presents numerous challenges to our European customers," SparkPost CEO, Phillip Merrick, commented in a press release. "SparkPost EU and our company's GDPR compliance offer a solution."

SparkPost can already name a number of marquee customers in the US including the New York Times, Zillow, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. The company hopes to nab similar enterprise customers in the EU market by providing service locally. The company mentioned that most service providers in the space continue to host in the US for their EU business. SparkPost looks to take advantage of this shortcoming with SparkPost EU.

SparkPost EU has its own Endpoint for both standard and enterprise versions. API conventions (e.g. Versioning, parameters, URL paths, etc.) are the same as conventions as the previously existing and maintained SparkPost API. Developers will notice that the EU version has a separate login and authentication process for compliance reasons.

Those interested in learning more, should check out the API docs. SparkPost has posted a number of examples within the docs. Further, SparkPost has provided a GDPR Primer getting customers prepared for the new regulation coming in May.

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