SparrowOne Launches Managed Payment Services API

SparrowOne, managed payments services provider, has announced the release of its Services API. The new offering provides API access to SparrowOne's secure payments gateway. The API allows merchants to integrate gateway payment functions into their checkout process, whether the checkout exists in a mobile app, supply chain system, order management system, or elsewhere.

"This effort will greatly enhance our ability to support rapid mobile development and traditional Integration efforts, SparrowOne CEO, Matanda Doss, commented in a press release. "In addition, by deploying our code to GitHub, we can broaden adoption and facilitate the communication between developers in our online community."

SparrowOne has launched the API will support for PHP, Ruby, C# and Python. The Company has published Sample Code in each language, for each transaction option. SparrowOne anticipates supporting Node.js and Curly early in 2018.

Processing payment through the API is as simple as an HTTP POST requesting specific transaction fields. Transaction options include creating a sale, creating authorization and capture, issuing a refund, issuing a void, creating a credit, airline passenger sale, military star card, ACH/echeck, eWallet, and much more. For more details, check out the API docs.

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