SpatialKey Mashes Up QuickBooks Customer Data

Earlier this week Intuit announced the release of a new web application that allows QuickBooks users to visualize customer data on a map mashup. The Customer Explorer, developed by SpatialKey, is provided as a free service in the Intuit Workplace, a portal that provides QuickBooks users with access to various types of applications and add-ons.

The Customer Explorer application essentially mashes customer data with MapQuest (our MapQuest API Profile) to deliver geospatial intelligence about customer density, demographics, and revenue generation. The Flash-based application includes heat maps, which certainly provide some great eye candy.

This is a novel approach for providing a mashup that leverages Flash, the MapQuest API, and data from a desktop application for a wide and diverse user base. We expect and hope that this is the first of many hybrid business intelligence mashups that provide desktop users with an integrated, seamless means for data visualization and analysis.

You can see a video of the Customer Explorer in action at the SpatialKey web site, and QuickBooks users can sign up for the application at the Intuit Workplace. [via CNET]


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