SpeakLike's API to Language Barriers: Hasta La Vista, Baby

According to a BBC news story, SpeakLike "crowd sources work to its pool of 3,000 translators, They can translate your blog into 35 languages and, incredibly, can even do tweets and live chats." Plus, they have the SpeakLike API.

Speed is an advantage. A tourist can type in a road sign, for example, and get a translation in seconds.

Based in New York, SpeakLike can also handle huge jobs, recently translating 240,000 words into 11 languages for a European product manager in a week.

Users can project the speed of their translation, which can vary by language,  by checking for the number of translators online at a given time.

Pricing starts at 6 cents a word.

SpeakLike offers a RESTful API. A second method for automating translation in an application comes via Transkit SDK.

Both access methods automate the use of human translation in the developer's application,  as well as using translation memory to reduce duplicate translation.  What sets the RESTful API apart is that leverages speakLike tools such as Terminology Manager and Style Guides, critical for business translation.

The Transkit SDK, by contrast, uses both machine and human translation.

According to SpeakLike, " Integration is a breeze. Depending on the functionality desired, you can call SpeakLike from within your system in as little as 24 hours. One of our clients was able to build a custom internal solution to automatically translate their website content from English into nine languages in less than one week, with only one developer."

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