Spectre.AI Releases Hyper API Beta for Automated Digital Contract Trading

Spectre.AI, the provider of a broker-less trading Platform that uses Blockchain to trade digital contracts, has announced a new APITrack this API. The company hopes that the beta Spectre. AI Hyper API will streamline access to the platform’s data, while also providing entry speeds of just 2 milliseconds.

Spectre.AI serves the Asian Market and is strictly closed to the United States. The company published a story over at financialmagnates.com and noted that:

“The new API can be used to automate trading and allows developers to build automated-strategy-robots, applications and trading interfaces that interact with the Spectre platform… Spectre’s API offering differs from most in that it operates on an ethical model in terms of monetization, in-keeping with the firm’s vision of fraud-free trading and complete transparency.”

Although the company’s website is closed to the U.S., developer documentation can be viewed from anywhere. 

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