SpeechTrans API Provides Instant Translation Functionality

SpeechTrans is a universal translator service that allows for instant communication in more than 44 languages. With no need for an interpreter, cross-language conversations can become a part of everyday life. The SpeechTrans API lets developers and companies access this functionality and customize it to suit their needs.

Communication is key, and being able to clearly communicate with someone can open up a world of opportunity, be it in a business or personal capacity. Creating a tool that could put the power of effective communication in people’s hands is what SpeechTrans says it has achieved with its service. Regardless of language barriers, there is a tool that can help you communicate instantly and clearly.

So what makes it different from, say, Google Translate? Well, the company claims that the accuracy rate with its voice feature is higher at an impressive 90%. The service also offers some other cool features, like being able to chat live with Facebook friends from anywhere around the world.

SpeechTrans’ SpeechOne API is an easy-to-use REST API that allows developers to access functionality such as speech recognition, text to speech, speech translation and telephone calling. SpeechTrans also offers all of its customers unlimited support and is happy to help with tips on how to best utilize the API.

Further information is available on the website.

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