The Spitcast API: The Science of Surf

For as long as people have been grabbing a board and trying to catch some waves, attempting to predict surf quality has been considered an art. Spitcast is trying to turn the art of prediction into the science of surf. Jack Mullis, the founder and developer of Spitcast, has been surfing for years. In 2005 he decided to combine his knowledge of surfing with his degree in Engineering Physics and create a unique algorithm that can predict future surf conditions by using Java and MySQL to cross reference NOAA regional weather data with observations at specific surf spots. This process has been shown to produce predictions accurate to 1 foot standard deviation. With the Spitcast API, this data can be transformed into custom applications.

The Spitcast API is a RESTful API and provides JSON formatted responses. Spitcast has a wealth of information that would be useful to developers that would like to enable users to view surf related predictions.

The Spitcast API is one of 85 sports APIs and 12 forcast APIs that are listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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