Sportradar Launches Winter Sports API

Sportradar, sports data intelligence company, has introduced its Winter Sports API. The new API adds to Sportradar's continuously growing API portfolio that includes sports across the spectrum at both the collegiate and professional levels. The Winter Sports API includes access to over thirty winter sports competitions. This includes both women's and men's events across nine sports.

Statistic categories available through the API include sport category, sport ID, team information, competitor information, stage information, results, venue, and more. Each category is broken further into individualized data assets by sport. For instance, in medal events, the results category will pull gold, silver, or bronze results. The data can be translated into more than 40 languages.

The API is now available as version one. For more details, register with Sportradar for access to the API docs. Pricing is not currently publicly available, but can be requested from the Sportradar team.

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