Spotify Launches Podcast API

Spotify has launched a suite of Podcast APIs. Through the APIs, developers can create Podcast experiences specifically for Spotify listeners. The Podcast APIs add nine new endpoints to Spotify's host of developer APIs. For the moment, all of the new Podcast endpoints are in beta, and Spotify encourages developers to suggest additional endpoints.

"The new podcast API will Function in similar ways to our music-related APIs by empowering developers to build unique experiences for listeners that leverage all of the public (and in this case podcast-related) data on Spotify," the company stated in a blog post announcement. "That means access to show and episode titles, description, and art. It will also allow developers to programmatically search Spotify’s catalog of over 700,000 podcasts and Fetch information about shows and episodes."

The new endpoints available in the beta include:

In addition to these new endpoints, Spotify announced a number of enhancements to its existing endpoints. For complete details, check out the developer blog. The blog announcement also includes instructions regarding how to request new features from the Spotify API team.

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