Spotify Refines Third-Party Application Development Process

Spotify has announced several changes to the company’s developer Platform that are intended to help streamline the process of building third-party applications that leverage the media company’s resources. These updates include two new development modes and a significant update to the Spotify Developer Policy. 

The two new development states for applications, Development Mode and Extended Quota Mode, outline a progression that applications will take in their path toward general availability. If this sounds like a mandated beta program for third-party applications, that’s because it is. In Development mode, user engagement is limited to 25 Spotify users and developers are encouraged to explore the company’s API. In Development Mode developers can access the full capabilities of the API without restriction. 

In Extended Quota Mode, which an application can transition to after manual Spotify review, API rate limits and user amounts are unlimited. However, Spotify does note that “ OAuth scopes will be locked to those requested at the time of Spotify review.” The blog post announcing these changes outlined the process of submitting applications for review:

“Submitting a quota extension request can be done via the Developer Dashboard, where you will have to provide information about the app, usage, monetization considerations, and required OAuth scopes, along with motivations for the use of the scopes and date. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible and instructions on how to best test your app.”

The Spotify Developer Policy has also been updated and is now segmented into three documents: Spotify Developer Terms, Spotify Developer Policy, and Complying with Spotify’s Developer Policy.

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