Spotware Releases cTrader Open API v2.0

Spotware, trading platform provider, recently announced the release of its cTrader Open API v2.0. cTrader Open API is Spotware's open option for creating apps for traders and broker's. Unlike the private API, cTrader Open allows anyone to build applications and products that can help traders. The API previously included two segments (Accounts API and Trading API) which have been consolidated into a single technology in v2.0.

The last release, v1.0, will remain active. Spotware will run the two versions in parallel. v1.0 will remain available until Spotware deprecates the first version. Spotware encourages developers to upgrade for improved performance and more functionality. Check out the company announcement for a full list of improvements in v2.0.

v2.0 includes a number of changes and new features. REST-based requests through the Accounts API has been replaced with Protocol Buffers. v2.0 no longer includes any REST web services. The use of Protocol Buffers has allowed Spotware to significantly increase request limits. Developers now have the option to request dedicated proxies, which improves performance. Spotware has also added margin calculation to v2.0. For more information, check out the API docs.

Spotware offers both Demo and Live options for v2.0. Although anyone can immediately deploy in Live environments, Spotware suggests starting with a demo installation. Spotware invites users across functions and industries (traders, technology providers, and brokers) to check out v2.0.

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