Square Announces In-App Payments SDK

Square has announced the release of a software development kit that provides developers with all the tools necessary to accept payments in their applications via Square. The In-App Payments SDK is available for iOS, Android, and Flutter.

The new SDK provides a customizable payments flow, allowing developers and sellers to either quickly enable payments with Square’s default flow, or customize the experience to match the rest of their application. The Platform allows users to make payments via their credit or debit cards, in addition to enabling payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Users can also save their payment information securely with Square to streamline future purchases.

Square is touting the simplicity of this new service, stating in a press release that, “With Just a few lines of code, developers can easily and professionally build a fully PCI compliant, secure, and elegant Square-powered payments flow in their Android or iOS apps.” The press release also notes the significance of this addition in terms of being a one-stop shop for companies looking to enable end-to-end payments, whether in-person, on the Web, or in mobile applications.

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